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Working in an environment with other potters can be beneficial on multiple levels. Offering opportunities to meet like minded people and foster creative exchanges and cooperation, which helps improve development of individual skills.

Taking inspiration from the work in our gallery is a real bonus.

In our fully equipped studios, work stations are available to rent from as little as half-day a week at £20 or £35 for a full-day a week these are booked on a rolling 4 weekly bases. 

This flexibility allows you to reserve as little or as much studio time as you wish on a fixed day each week, although we are always flexible if spaces allow.

We can offer one-off sessions, again for potters able to work independently at £30 half-day and £60 Full-day. With this option there isn't a facility for you to leave things in the studio and all work left would need to be finished and ready for drying and firing and firing would be charged at 

external firing prices.

Time slots are, Tuesday-Saturday -

Half-day slots are: 10am-1pm or 1.30pm-4.30pm, 

Full day 10am-4.30pm

The Studio is equipped with:

  • Personal work stations.

  • Personal shelf space, for the duration of your rental.

  • 5 wheels.

  • Slab roller.

  • Kiln facilities.

  • Complementary glazes available for use.

  • Firing service - charged by weight of finished work.

  • Clay Sales

  • Tool Sales

  • Underglaze Sales

  • A 10% discount on any courses or workshops run at the gallery.

We don’t supply personal hand-building or throwing tools so please make sure you bring your own.



Exclusively Ceramics

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